Is SmartSkin a SIP system?

SmartSkin is more than simply a type of 'Structural Insulated Panel' or SIP, it is an integrated design and delivery system that results in a more sustainable, more comfortable building.  SmartSkin comprises of 5 main components including wall and roof panels.  These panels use SIP technology. 

SIPs are an established technology in US and European housing markets.  There are many types of SIPs with various dimensional formats and various materials. The markets mentioned above tend to favour a material called Oriented Strand Board as the structural skin. There are a number of different technologies for creating the insulated core.  Similarly there are a number approaches to jointing detail. American SIPS are often created in a whole-wall format where the entire wall shape with pre-cut windows and doors is delivered in one piece. The resulting buildings share the properties of great strength, great thermal performance and efficient resource usage.

SIPs experience overseas has shown that SIP's based houses can be very energy efficient buildings and are frequently the choice in 'zero-energy housing' studies.  High R values and low air leakage both contribute to a greater level of thermal performance than traditional framed construction. 

Modular, component based design system

Urban infill housing application

Weekender house application