Smart Technology

Wall and Roof Panels
SmartSkin building fabric is created from a large, pre-finished panel units that are load bearing, pre-insulated and clip together using familiar tools and technology.  The panels are proportioned for the human body. Special head & sill panels are used to fit windows. The number of edge details and sizes are optimised for flexibility and simplicity.  Panels can be finished with a variety of stains & paints in the factory.  Deep door & window reveals allow for a variety of over-cladding options if required. View a computer model of an 8 day SmartSkin construction sequence. SmartSkin buildings are assembled on site from factory produced modules rather than prefabricated, to see the differences between SmartSkin and prefabricated buildings review this diagram "SmartSkin is not pre-fab".

Tech Pod
SmartSkin's Tech Pod is a centralised, integrated building
services unit.  The Tech Pod fits into the design system of the house and is packed with clever and energy efficient technology. Packaging of the services provides manufactured repeatability and reduces on-site labour during erection.

The Tech Pod provides a kitchen face a bathroom face and an additional WC face.  The kitchen face includes refrigerator, oven and pantry.  The opposite bathroom face provides a shower, toilet and handbasin couplings.

Heating & Cooling
  • European heat-pump technology
  • Inter-connected systems, high co-efficients of performance.
  • Heat Exchanged Ventilation
  • Full ventilation control
  • External temp sensing and control prompts to use windows when appropriate

Plumbing services
  • Mains supply in
  • Recycled supply in
  • Sewer out
  • Greywater out
  • Rainwater pump
  • Shower waste only slab penetration

Electrical services
  • Fully fitted switchboard
  • All services fully connected
  • Supply circuits distributed above plasterboard ceilings
  • Power distribution though Mainline skirt power system

Monitoring and control services
  • Touchscreen feed-back
  • Web-enabled control
  • Household web services

SmartSkin component range

Panel detail

Tech Pod, kitchen face