More Sustainable

SmartSkin's system delivers individually designed houses with high levels of comfort & environmental performance. SmartSkin buildings are inherently more sustainable.
  • Efficient - 7 star building fabric and energy efficient heating + cooling.
  • Responsive - design is flexible to take into account site orientation and climate.
  • Smart - web enabled energy control and integrated delivery of online services.
  • Manufactured - Factory efficiencies include waste minimisation, safe working environment, all-weather production and single delivery to site.
  • Greener - extensive use of plantation timber and limited use of steel, aluminium and cement leads to a comparatively low embodied energy.

What makes a green building?

Green buildings and sustainable buildings are not just about low operating costs, but also must take into account the embodied energy of the construction process and materials.  By reducing the amount of energy hungry materials such as steel and aluminium SmartSkin makes immediate reductions in energy inputs.  SmartSkin uses Australian manufactured softwood products in an extremely efficient way, this minimises the transport of the materials and ensures they come from a sustainable source.

Green buildings should also be constructed of materials that do not give off fumes, and should provide systems that ventilate the space without loss of heating and cooling.  SmartSkin's Tech Pod contains a fresh air heat exchanger, so that incoming fresh air can collect the heat or cooling from the discharged air.

Green buildings should use less water.  Details from the type of shower outlet to the sizing of toilet cisterns are all important. SmartSkin's Tech Pod uses an integrated tank water pump and circuit for toilet flushing, and a grey water outlet is standard.

Green buildings need green occupants, and one way to help the owner of a sustainable house is to provide data on energy usage.  Measurement is the first step on the road to management.  SmartSkin's Tech Pod provides integrated energy monitoring on all electrical circuits and integrates with Google Power Meter.

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