SmartSkin for Architects

SmartSkin engages with architects and building designers to supply its system to end users.

If you are building designer, we want you to maintain and maximise the value in your relationship with your clients.  SmartSkin will help you work more efficiently by providing high quality 3-D modelled output, reliable and accurate pricing while providing you with a credible green offering.

Application of the SmartSkin sytem is flexible but there are subtle differences in the design approach to get an optimal result using a manufactured approach.  SmartSkin works with selected design partners to implement a design protocol that ensures successful projects.

Become a SmartSkin Design Partner

If you are an architect or building designer, SmartSkin will provide training and materials to allow you to apply the SmartSkin system to your designs.  We will provide free pre-sales services to allow you to cost your designs and ensure they meet the engineering protocols. Additionally we can provide modelling, energy rating and other consulting services if required.  

Contact us to find out more. 

We will be happy to meet with you to explain design protocols, finish options and structural capacity of the system.

Designing with SmartSkin

SmartSkin can deliver building fabrics offering your clients next
generation sustainability performance - fast & cost effectively
SmartSkins fabric delivery offering includes
  • Walls - factory finished surfaces, inbuilt R 4.3 insulation
  • Tech Pod - integrated services module, high efficiency heating and cooling.
  • Roof - insulated panel roof R 5.3
  • Doors & Windows - range of materials, 'plug-and-play' fitting
  • Internal doors & jambs
     - full 2700 height internal doors 
  • Power skirting system - full flexibility for furnishing

3-D component model

environmental energy model