Smart Design

Design is the basis to humane and environmentally responsive living.

Architects and designers can work with this design system and kit of components to cost effectively create market leading home solutions - tailored to individual climates, sites and customer lifestyle needs

SmartSkin's 3D modelled design process allows design to suit your lifestyle, site and climate

SmartSkin makes design relevant to more Australians. 

The SmartSkin solution is unique in that it is not a prefabricated housing offer, but a modular building system that makes individual design accessible to a greatly expanded proportion of Australians.

SmartSkin is currently establishing a network of architects to work with their clients and the system to create comfortable, efficient and more sustainable living spaces.  These partner companies will use the 
SmartSkin Design Hub to model and price projects.

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Demonstration unit 3-D Design

Demonstration unit assembled in factory

Urban infill housing application

Weekender house application